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Simple Ways to Improve Speed and Performance of a Website

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Capturing your audience’s attention online today can be done only with fast-loading, high-performance web pages. It is more important now more than ever, to keep the loading time of a site to its minimal, with web-users’ attentions shrinking and their expectations growing. Statistics indicate that most online visitors would rather switch to another website than wait for one that loads for too long. Even if they do succeed in lingering on, the weak speed of the site would leave them unimpressed and frustrated and unlikely to return to your site again. In this article, we’re going to be exploring simple ways in which one could boost the speed and performance of his website and attract more viewers.

A reliable hosting plan

This is the foundation for the speed and performance of a website. You need to host your website with a reputed corporation armed with the right hardware. You need to do your research and evaluate the reputation and credibility of hosting companies, before identifying the one that you believe suits your requirements and choosing the appropriate hosting plan with them.


Caching refers to the concept of using a temporary storage arena for keeping data stored. This helps to lift the site’s performance due to the present availability of the content on the website. This also brings down the burden that many system resources have on your server.

Regulate your images

The size and composition of pictures and videos have an impact on the loading time of a webpage. Ensure that you use the JPEG format wherever possible, as well as edit the image to remove unnecessary parts of it. Reducing the size of the image if possible would also boost the functionality of the website.

Reduce the programming volume

The websites of the day are largely dependent on the CSS and JavaScript programming languages. Minimizing the size of the codes helps to increase the performance of the site. This can be done by removing unnecessary areas such as comments, spaces, and line breaks.

These are some of the ways in which you can enhance the speed and performance of your website. If you need further assistance in web design/development, Openwave has the tools that you need. We are a software services corporation based in the United States and with nearly twenty years of experience. Get in touch with us to explore the opportunities today!

2017 unleashes some of the coolest design trends for the web

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Online design trends have been evolving rapidly over the years. What was considered in vogue a few years ago would be considered obsolete today. As the digital space expands year by year, users expect more personal, artistic and interactive highlights from their web experience.

Here are a few of the web design themes that are taking over in 2017:


In 2016, the currents ran towards typography, as websites paid more attention to the style and arrangement of their printed matter. But this trend seems to be growing even bigger this year. Brands are amplifying their fonts, mixing their worded details with animations and styles, and glamorizing the print on-screen to woo visitors.


Animations have been sweeping the world of social media, with Facebook and Twitter synthesizing their chatboxes with GIFs and all kinds of little cartoons. The world seems to love them, and this trend is growing much stronger this year. Such animations help to add life to online conversations and instill a more vibrant mood on the web.

Off-the-screen composition

This is a relatively new trend, where elements hanging about the site are only partially on-screen, with the remainder vanishing into the edge of the screen. 2016 saw this unique new design style sprout up across numerous sites on the web.


Websites for long have adhered to a style of on-screen symmetry. However, the rules are changing, with websites that spread out across the screen without a perfectly neutral alignment. Some of them paint one side of the screen with animation or color, and leave an image hanging on the other side.

Emphasis on conversation

Conversational interfaces have made a big leap in the previous year. You would find more messaging apps online today than at any time before. This trend reflects the focus of the entire online experience shifting from mere content to interaction and conversation. Companies are striving to gain on this trend by incorporating chat services and other interactive interfaces into their sites.

Dimmer fonts

On-screen colors that websites use have been drifting from vivid and bright colors to dimmer, lighter tones. The popularity of websites that use full-white backgrounds has faded, and more and more sites turn to dark textures, fonts, and backgrounds for a more diverse effect.

As more and more websites fill the internet, web designers need to watch the trends and remain flexible to hit the right chord. Openwave follows the course of the trend and stays updated. Our web designers can revamp your website to reflect just the right mood that visitors want, helping to elevate your position online.