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Improve the PHP Performance on your Website with these Simple Hacks

Programming concept: Php on computer keyboard backgroundPHP is the most popular server-side script on the planet at the moment. A large number of the most popular sites in the world – like Wikipedia and Facebook – use PHP for their server side scripting. PHP is an open source script that gets updated every once in a while. You need to keep on top with changes to give your website an added advantage. Here are some simple hacks that can help you improve the PHP performance on your website:

Use the OPCache

PHP creates chunks of executable codes called opcodes. Opcodes allow the application to run and perform tasks without having to wait for the new code to compile every single time. Using OPCache helps you save chunks of code that execute very fast. This feature is very useful for web pages that provide limited services, as the application doesn’t spend a lot of time in compilation.

Make your Databases More Efficient

More than 90% of the execution time for any PHP application or website is taken up by databases, including the reading and processing. Making your databases more efficient – by changing the inherent organizational structure – can significantly reduce loading times and improve PHP performance. Furthermore, you can check the code used for accessing your database and make changes where necessary to optimize the code.

Tweak your API settings

A majority of web applications use APIs for providing services. However, APIs are usually remote, and you can’t change their coding or how they operate with your website in many cases. What you can do, though, is tweak your API settings so that your service always makes API calls in the background for improved performance. You can also use an API cache to keep your service running when the API is taking too long to respond or is down.

Are you technologically challenged and still need to improve the PHP performance on a website? There are many competent PHP developers in the market who can do everything for you. You can even hire affordable dedicated PHP developers from Openwave for short-term projects, for improving the PHP performance on your website

Here’s Why your Boutique Needs an Online Presence



E-commerce. Online internet shopping. Laptop and shopping bags.

Do you own a boutique and are you being forced to fend off competitors on the internet? If so, it’s time to get your boutique online. An online presence not only allows you to have a virtual presence to attract more customers, but it also gives you a way to offer your products to customers at a reduced price.

Are you still not convinced? Here are top reasons why your boutique needs an online presence today:

You’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

A regular brick-and-mortar store has to stay shut several hours a day, and maybe once a week too. However, an online business doesn’t have any of the same physical constraints. Your website or eCommerce store stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – allowing customers to visit your store at their convenience, from the comfort of their homes.

Push your business into the spotlight

Placing your business online is a great way to build brand recognition. It potentially allows you to feature prominently on social media feeds of your customers as well. Your customers can also visit your website to check customer reviews on your products. Positive reviews or interactions are more likely to sway a potential customer into buying something from you.

Get access to a large consumer base

The internet isn’t limited to your local area. An online presence allows you to tap into a huge market that spans across the globe. If you manage to get a delivery service going, you can potentially get paying customers for your products from the other side of the world.

Marketing and selling made simple

The internet has made marketing and selling easy. You can reach customers by writing good copy for your products and services, to draw their attention and showcase your products. Marketing online doesn’t cost much money – unless you hire the services of a professional marketing agency.

You can get a virtual store up and running in no time at all by using one of the many eCommerce CMS solutions out there. If you’d rather have an expert to do it for you, get a reputable eCommerce developer to provide custom solutions at an affordable rate.