The Importance of Color in Mobile App Design


Color Alert! Did You Know That The Color Of Your App Matters So Much?

Colors are all around us. They influence the decisions of our daily life visually and subconsciously. Have you ever opened an app and been awe-struck by its design? Or opened an app only to be overwhelmed by its strong color choices? Time and again, experts have been emphasising the significant role of color in improving the user’s overall experience with the app.

Why Colors?

A majority of people respond better to visual stimuli, i.e. they engage and interact more with images and hues, than plain text or the like. That said, it is important to have the right choice of colors for the right kind of audience while keeping up with the latest trends.

Which Colors?

Different hues can mean different things for users. For instance, Yellow is viewed as a delightful and optimistic hue. Orange exudes enthusiasm. Red is a strong impulsive shade that represents passion. Green represents freshness and Blue is a unique colour that can mean very different things. Developers can choose from a wide variety of designs and hues for their app icon and various app sections.

How to Choose the Right colour scheme?

This mostly depends on the kind of app you are developing. It sounds easy but choosing the right scheme is a difficult task – it often holds the power to make or break you! Your success lies in creating a mobile app design that is unique. You can choose from multiple color schemes – Monochromatic (the simplest scheme with one color and multiple shades or tints), Analogous (three associated colours with one prominent hue), Complementary (two contrasting colours), Custom (different colors in the colour wheel) and Compound (combination of base and analogous hues.)

What about visually impaired users?

For people with color blindness and similar impairments, you can customise the patterns or strokes to make it easier for them.

Choosing the right shades and design for your app can make a huge difference for you. But choosing them would be a tough task. If you want to develop an extraordinary app, seek help from the experts at Openwave web and app development company. We track and develop the latest designs for you.


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