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2017 unleashes some of the coolest design trends for the web

Web Development Composition

Online design trends have been evolving rapidly over the years. What was considered in vogue a few years ago would be considered obsolete today. As the digital space expands year by year, users expect more personal, artistic and interactive highlights from their web experience.

Here are a few of the web design themes that are taking over in 2017:


In 2016, the currents ran towards typography, as websites paid more attention to the style and arrangement of their printed matter. But this trend seems to be growing even bigger this year. Brands are amplifying their fonts, mixing their worded details with animations and styles, and glamorizing the print on-screen to woo visitors.


Animations have been sweeping the world of social media, with Facebook and Twitter synthesizing their chatboxes with GIFs and all kinds of little cartoons. The world seems to love them, and this trend is growing much stronger this year. Such animations help to add life to online conversations and instill a more vibrant mood on the web.

Off-the-screen composition

This is a relatively new trend, where elements hanging about the site are only partially on-screen, with the remainder vanishing into the edge of the screen. 2016 saw this unique new design style sprout up across numerous sites on the web.


Websites for long have adhered to a style of on-screen symmetry. However, the rules are changing, with websites that spread out across the screen without a perfectly neutral alignment. Some of them paint one side of the screen with animation or color, and leave an image hanging on the other side.

Emphasis on conversation

Conversational interfaces have made a big leap in the previous year. You would find more messaging apps online today than at any time before. This trend reflects the focus of the entire online experience shifting from mere content to interaction and conversation. Companies are striving to gain on this trend by incorporating chat services and other interactive interfaces into their sites.

Dimmer fonts

On-screen colors that websites use have been drifting from vivid and bright colors to dimmer, lighter tones. The popularity of websites that use full-white backgrounds has faded, and more and more sites turn to dark textures, fonts, and backgrounds for a more diverse effect.

As more and more websites fill the internet, web designers need to watch the trends and remain flexible to hit the right chord. Openwave follows the course of the trend and stays updated. Our web designers can revamp your website to reflect just the right mood that visitors want, helping to elevate your position online.

Top Trends to Watch Out for in Enterprise web Application Development in 2017

Web Technology

Enterprise level applications are used by businesses worldwide to improve productivity and engage with customers better. Technology is advancing at a rapid clip, and these apps are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and powerful as time goes by. 2016 was a big year for enterprises the world over, as we saw even more companies making the shift to Cloud. 2017 is, likewise, looking to be another crucial year for businesses.

Here are top enterprise web application development trends to watch out for in 2017:

Big increase in the number of hybrid apps

We live in the mobile age, and a lot of employees bring their phones to work. They also want to be able to access enterprise apps from their phones. Hybrid technology allows organizations to build products that can be consulted from both mobiles and PCs, and we’re going to see a big increase in their number.

Focus on application security

Data privacy breaches and theft have become a primary concern lately. It’s very easy for an experienced hacker to get into most applications, especially those that are accessible on multiple platforms. The focus this year will be on building secure applications.

Faster response times

Employees and customers don’t want to wait for more than a handful of seconds for apps to load. Thanks to the availability of http/2: protocol and other new age technology; it’s now possible to build web service apps that load in a few seconds or even instantaneously.

Cloud implementation

Cloud servers are up all the time. Organisations are shifting their apps to Cloud or using it for storage (if they haven’t done so already). This movement is reducing the pressure on internal IT departments and boosting efficiency.

Shadow IT to be a problem?

The modern IT department is often overloaded with requests, and their responses can be slow. Employees in other departments often get around the in-house department by buying solutions from external developers, which is known as ‘Shadow IT’. Instances of this trend are rising greatly.

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Improve the PHP Performance on your Website with these Simple Hacks

Programming concept: Php on computer keyboard backgroundPHP is the most popular server-side script on the planet at the moment. A large number of the most popular sites in the world – like Wikipedia and Facebook – use PHP for their server side scripting. PHP is an open source script that gets updated every once in a while. You need to keep on top with changes to give your website an added advantage. Here are some simple hacks that can help you improve the PHP performance on your website:

Use the OPCache

PHP creates chunks of executable codes called opcodes. Opcodes allow the application to run and perform tasks without having to wait for the new code to compile every single time. Using OPCache helps you save chunks of code that execute very fast. This feature is very useful for web pages that provide limited services, as the application doesn’t spend a lot of time in compilation.

Make your Databases More Efficient

More than 90% of the execution time for any PHP application or website is taken up by databases, including the reading and processing. Making your databases more efficient – by changing the inherent organizational structure – can significantly reduce loading times and improve PHP performance. Furthermore, you can check the code used for accessing your database and make changes where necessary to optimize the code.

Tweak your API settings

A majority of web applications use APIs for providing services. However, APIs are usually remote, and you can’t change their coding or how they operate with your website in many cases. What you can do, though, is tweak your API settings so that your service always makes API calls in the background for improved performance. You can also use an API cache to keep your service running when the API is taking too long to respond or is down.

Are you technologically challenged and still need to improve the PHP performance on a website? There are many competent PHP developers in the market who can do everything for you. You can even hire affordable dedicated PHP developers from Openwave for short-term projects, for improving the PHP performance on your website

What are Things to Consider When Turn your Business Online?

Ecommerce is the only solution to reach your business globally to sell products across the entire world. Many of the online business owner know the importance of launching an web presence, but start a website too quick without deep into the development, resulting in failure.

Ecommerce Business

Some of the Key Points to Consider to Avoid Drop in the E-Business

Hire a Web Expert to Build your Ecommerce Site

The first and most important thing to succeed in online business is to hire a focused and well-expertise eCommerce website developer. Have a meeting with the web professionals to discuss the overall plan about how the website should look and other ideas that should be implemented in website for the ease of customers.

Select the Right Ecommerce Platform

In present times, there are number of choices for software’s, frameworks and technologies, eCommerce business owners are open to choose the one according to their needs. Selecting the most suitable eCommerce platforms for making an online store is of a basic importance, as it can be the variable in charge of either success or failure for your business.

Web Professional should be Aware of SEO

The main reason for shifting a business to online is to gain reach and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) visibility. It is not much easier to grab the attention of Google’s. If your site not found in Google search all the efforts you made for developing a website will become waste. So, it is highly recommended to hire a web professional who is aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Why it is Essential for Business to Build eCommerce Website

E-commerce is nothing but an online business which can be accomplished by means of the Internet. With people using their smartphones, laptops and tablets to buy different products and services, it is seen that there is an increase of eCommerce site on the web as it offers different benefits to the purchasers.

Geographical Limitations

location-geotargetingWith an Ecommerce site, entrepreneurs can be free from the troubles they need to face to maintain a physical location. E-commerce platform offers business the opportunity to provide products online to countless users with different geographic location by means of a safe and secure website.

Reduce Operational Cost

Business requires big investments as it includes acquiring premises and exceedingly reliant on the location of your store. But eCommerce website reduces all these business operational costs as it includes good features and functionalities.

Open 24/7

24 Online EcommerceAnother most vital advantage of eCommerce advancement is that vendors can keep their store open 24*7 and this offer them to build their incomes by boosting their sales.

Expand Brand Awareness

Ecommerce - BrandEcommerce website helps to business to make customers aware of their product or service brands in the global market and it serves as the great option for advertising products or service with outstanding reach to customers.

So, having an eCommerce website is all the way beneficial for business owners to increase their product or service sales and boost brand awareness.

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What are the Things to Consider When Building an eCommerce Website?


Ecommerce web development is a large-scale, complex procedure with its own specific difficulties. Since customers will go to the site to find out and buy items, developers will need to do all that they can make this procedure simple and spontaneous.

Responsive web design

Website should be designed and developed in such a way that should respond to the user’s behavior and environment in view of screen size, orientation and platform.

Good Checkout Design

Checkout process design is important for eCommerce business success since it is all about making transactions as easy and possible for your website customers.

Enhanced Security

E-commerce security has its own specific significance and is one of the most elevated noticeable security segments that influence the end users through their day by day action with business. The application should be completely safe and secure from malicious software and hackers with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Importance of Search Functionality

It is estimated that number of visitors to eCommerce websites use search functionality to find the products they are searching for, so it is essential to ensure the search functionality is accessible and simple to use.

Navigation & Usability

The navigation framework acts like a guide to all the diverse areas and data contained inside the website. Good navigation make visitors to stay and have a better experience, which in turn leads to more sales or business for you.

Well, there are many things should take in consideration when developing a branded eCommerce website to increase traffic and create more business.

The website we develop includes: 1. Great Design, 2. Good navigation and usability, 3. Quick loading, 4. User Friendly Interface, 5. SEO Friendly, 6. Mobile Responsive.

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