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5 things to never do when choosing a CMS for your business

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With a multitude of options to choose from, it can be tricky knowing how to pick the right CMS for your organization. The last thing you need is to end up with a CMS where leverage turns to roadblocks, making execution of simple tasks difficult. The result: you won’t realize the business goals you’d hoped to achieve through implementation of the CMS.

To make things easier for you, we’re listing out the five common mistakes most people make and ways to select the right system for your organization:

1) Choosing functionality above everything

Yes, functionality matters, but so does ease-of-use. Most developers ignore this aspect and choose a CMS that’s loaded with features but has a crippled front-end. The complexity of the interface will baffle the average user.

Solution: Choose something with a simple, understandable and clean interface.

2) Believing that open source is better

Simply because everyone uses it, doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. True, there’s a huge developer community working on it. However, there’s no direction to it. Often, it’s the community that contributes to the platform, and the resulting functionality might not be as expected.

Solution: It’s important to research well into the open source platform before using it. Commercial variants are also good options.

3) Letting your budget drive your decisions

More often than not, businesses choose their CMS solely factoring in their budget. Making a bargain on the CMS is a rookie mistake, as it might lead to choosing something that doesn’t work for your business, proving more expensive in the long run.

Solution: Do not let your budget decide what’s right for you. Determine your needs, find something that fit’s it and then apply a budget to it.

4) Asking the wrong people

Just because someone else uses it, that doesn’t mean you should too. Most people tend to fall into the trap of listening to the advice of the wrong people. Ask an IT guy, and you’ll be recommended with something that’s fairly good, but useless nonetheless.

Solution: You need to get all the departments involved and then balance your decision based on how the CMS will impact each department.

5) Not conducting research and testing

Blindly signing up for something you’ve no in-depth information about can lead to disaster. To narrow down on a platform, it’s vital to carry out extensive research into it.

Solution: Check out the websites that already use the system. If there’s a trial offered, don’t hesitate to invest time in testing the platform

From WordPress to Drupal, there are a lot of options available. If you’re still confused, you can always get in touch with CMS developers in the US to analyze your requirements and pick the right platform for your needs. Contact Openwave now.

Five Reasons Magento is the Best Web Development Platform Out There

Advantages of Web Development with MagentoWith e-commerce now sweeping through the business industry, more and more retail stores are turning to the web space to make their footprint. When it comes to web building, Magento is the unrivaled leader in the business. It has helped to power hundreds of thousands of websites, with scores of new customers on a monthly basis. In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the benefits of web development with Magento.

Magento is suitable for the needs of both small and large businesses, with its high scalability. This ensures that the site is best tailored to handle varying volumes of traffic. As a result, e-commerce websites developed with this platform offer ideal functioning at every stage of growth.

Creative control
It offers developers a far greater level of control over the website and its design. This enables customization of the site with greater ease. The site owner has control of both the front and the back-end frameworks of the website, allowing them to realize their vision of the website in the most precise manner.

Broad range of extensions
With Magento, there is a far greater array of extensions and functionalities. This ensures that the website development is of a more sound quality. With the aid of these extensions, retailers are given the creative freedom to maximize the design of their website as per their needs.

Open source
With Magento being an open-source development platform, the site’s owners would be able to access the source code when building the website. As a result, the developer has more freedom and flexibility. The programmers would be able to alter the functionality of the website as per their needs, thereby tending to the needs of the retail store just as required.

Large community
Magento has a massive community of developers to draw support from in times of need. Magento users can share their expertise online and provide resources to programmers looking for solutions. There are bound to be glitches and problems in the development process. However, there are forums and websites where previous users offer their advice and support to those in need.

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Is hiring offshore dedicated resources a viable option? Find out

rsz_bigstock-choosing-the-right-person-from-50450810.jpgOnshore vs. Offshore resources: the debate on what’s better or worse has been raging on for a while. Neither of the options is excluded from its share of shortcomings, which makes it subjective. Is your business better off outsourcing work to resources located internationally? Or would it gain with a local onshore team? Of late, greater emphasis has been placed on hiring offshore dedicated resources owing to the tremendous benefits it carries over the other.

From being cheaper to highly productive, hiring offshore resources can prove to be a major plus for business growth. Here are five ways it assists businesses:

#1: Improves capacity

When you’ve got a load of work, but no one to do it, instead of turning it away, you can hire an offshore team to get it done on a short-term basis.

#2: Expands your technical competence

You might have an excellent web design team but lack the expertise to work on PHP. Businesses can play to their strengths and outsource the rest to experts abroad.

#3: Budget-friendly

Hiring a full-time employee means providing health benefits, paid holidays, setting up physical infrastructure and more. Outsourcing takes all the hassle away and is relatively affordable.

#4: Enables low-risk expansion

Every business owner hopes to grow, multiply profits and expand in numbers. But what if you extend past your limits? You’re spared from firing employees if business slows by expanding your team virtually instead.

#5: Greater focus on business development:

Taking the technical work off the desk and handing them to a capable team offshore allows business to focus more on strategy, project management, and business growth.

So, the bottom line is: yes, hiring dedicated resources from another organization does have positive results, but teaming up with the right partner is essential.

Here are a few pointers to consider:

• The agency must provide multiple modes of communication and should be available to interact at timings that are convenient to you.

• Always conduct online interviews of people you’re about to hire

• Check the past work samples and their complete portfolio to get a good measure of their professional competence

• Experience is vital; if you’re hiring developers, set an experience of at least 3-4 years as the minimum requirement.

Want to outsource work but don’t know who to outsource it to? Record positive growth and hire dedicated resources from a reputed US-based IT services company. Reach out to Openwave to explore the various options.

Major Differences Between WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

difference between cmsOf the content management systems available today, three stand out from the crowd: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Although all three of them have helped build millions of websites with vast online communities, each of them comes with their own unique offerings. In this article, we’re going to be examining all three content management systems to see what makes them unique.

Features of WordPress:

Easy installation

With this platform, anyone can get themselves a brand new website operational within just a few minutes.

Strong customizability

It offers a vast array of design themes, plug-ins, and many more customizable elements, allowing the website to be tailored per one’s need.

Free of cost

Like most others in the field, WordPress offers a free basic package that comes with a wide array of features. To access additional features, one needs to sign up to a more advanced package.

Large community support

For someone new to the field of web design, there may be issues to encounter as you tour your new website. However, with WordPress, there is a massive online community that one can draw upon for support. One can access Forums, websites and many other mediums to avail solutions to simple issues.

Features of Drupal

Technical sophistication

Among these three content management systems, Drupal would be the most technically advanced. For people with stronger software knowledge who are willing to delve into the structure of the website, this platform may be the best-suited one.

Higher performance

Websites built with Drupal are observed to have quicker speed and better performance. In other words, the average loading time of the pages is significantly lesser.

Features of Joomla

Stronger social networking

This platform is ideal for the integration of social networking facilities into a website, which is a great ally for websites of the day.

Suited for E-commerce Sites

Joomla also specializes in the area of online stores and e-commerce. It offers greater ease and support when setting up websites of this type.

Each of these systems gravitates to a particular set of advantages. To be able to decide between them, one would have to analyze his/her requirements in building a website, and then take on the platform that most accurately provides for their needs.

From there, if you’re looking for professional help in building and further detailing the website, then Openwave has what you need. We come with twenty years of experience in the software services field and have partnered with countless corporations over the years. Partner with us to lift your online presence for an affordable cost.


Simple Ways to Improve Speed and Performance of a Website

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Capturing your audience’s attention online today can be done only with fast-loading, high-performance web pages. It is more important now more than ever, to keep the loading time of a site to its minimal, with web-users’ attentions shrinking and their expectations growing. Statistics indicate that most online visitors would rather switch to another website than wait for one that loads for too long. Even if they do succeed in lingering on, the weak speed of the site would leave them unimpressed and frustrated and unlikely to return to your site again. In this article, we’re going to be exploring simple ways in which one could boost the speed and performance of his website and attract more viewers.

A reliable hosting plan

This is the foundation for the speed and performance of a website. You need to host your website with a reputed corporation armed with the right hardware. You need to do your research and evaluate the reputation and credibility of hosting companies, before identifying the one that you believe suits your requirements and choosing the appropriate hosting plan with them.


Caching refers to the concept of using a temporary storage arena for keeping data stored. This helps to lift the site’s performance due to the present availability of the content on the website. This also brings down the burden that many system resources have on your server.

Regulate your images

The size and composition of pictures and videos have an impact on the loading time of a webpage. Ensure that you use the JPEG format wherever possible, as well as edit the image to remove unnecessary parts of it. Reducing the size of the image if possible would also boost the functionality of the website.

Reduce the programming volume

The websites of the day are largely dependent on the CSS and JavaScript programming languages. Minimizing the size of the codes helps to increase the performance of the site. This can be done by removing unnecessary areas such as comments, spaces, and line breaks.

These are some of the ways in which you can enhance the speed and performance of your website. If you need further assistance in web design/development, Openwave has the tools that you need. We are a software services corporation based in the United States and with nearly twenty years of experience. Get in touch with us to explore the opportunities today!

5 Features that make WordPress the Best Web-Building Platform

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WordPress is at present the dominant web-building platform on the internet. It stands out from the crowd, offering an experience that seems to draw most new internet entrepreneurs. In this article, we’re going to be exploring some of the salient features of this web building machine, and where it scores high.

Variety of built-in functionalities and features

The major purpose of WordPress is for blogging. As a result, a vast majority of facilities that you need for a website are already integrated into the design of the website. Those that aren’t can also be incorporated without too much hassle. Functions ranging from commenting and subscriptions are already set-up in the website, giving users the most strain-free web experience.


One of the major highlights of this system is the user-friendliness it offers. You need no software experience to handle the platform, and build a well-decorated site for yourself. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to build on the website, adding new pages and posts on a constant basis. The job of re-modeling and tailoring the site is also greatly convenient.

SEO friendliness

The programming structure at the base of this platform is arguably simpler than many others. An advantage of this is that websites under this engine are more sensitized with search engines. WordPress incorporates its websites with a quality of SEO friendliness that gives you an edge over competitors in terms of online ranking.

Access from any computer

As this platform is browser based, users can access their website through any computer and work on their site. This brings flexibility and convenience for people who need to work from multiple locations, and for bloggers who need to maintain a day job.

Full creative control

WordPress hands its user’s maximal creative control. All elements of the website can be refined according to your needs.

If you’re looking for professional help in WordPress development, then Openwave has the solution. We are an established software services firm with a global presence, and we can build you a sharp-looking site on the WordPress platform to reflect your brand image.

Seven Payment Systems that Dominate the Market in 2017

Online Payment Portal

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online payments have become a vital part of many economies. For someone setting up a retail store online, it is crucial to integrate a secure and reliable payment system into his or her website. In this article, we’re going to explore seven of the most reputed and reliable online payment engines of the day.

PayPal rests at the dominant position in the world of payment gateways. The company was founded more than 18 years ago and is currently a subsidiary of eBay. This platform has entrenched itself into markets across the world, with a staggering 137 million account holders and transactions in 26 currencies globally, PayPal processes somewhere below 10 million transactions a day.

Amazon Payments
Amazon recently made inroads into this e-commerce field in 2007 and is an authoritative platform in countries such as US, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. The platform is synchronized with your already existing Amazon account, making operations smoother.

Google Wallet
This application allows easy, flexible money transfers and further enhances the ease with a personalized wallet card. The corporation is also planning to roll out a physical card for customers to use at real stores.

This is a payment medium that has settled exclusively for the US market and is, therefore, unavailable anywhere else. The advantages of WePay include quick processing and simple working. It allows users to pay in online retail stores through credit cards, as well as their bank accounts.

ACH Payments 
This corporation offers various unique features, such as global payments, mobile payments, as well as a credit card processing feature. An added advantage is that companies can also use it for releasing payrolls. This platform is currently competing on the upper level of payment systems, along with Paypal and Amazon.

This platform enables credit card payments as well as payments from PayPal. It also offers added facilities such as shopping cart stores and trans-national payments.

This is a system designed specifically for WordPress users, enabling e-commerce transactions online. Some of its prominent features include coupon campaigns, its customer friendly design and the ability to manage your e-commerce store without hassle.

Incorporating the right payment system is essential to e-commerce. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we, at Openwave, can provide you adequate support. Our developers are adept at multiple coding languages and can enhance your commercial streams through our eCommerce applications.