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Stop Losing 69.23% of your eCommerce Sales with These Simple Strategies

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The latest research tells us that 69.23% of all filled shopping carts on eCommerce stores get abandoned. That’s a staggering amount and – clearly – it costs the $2.4 trillion yearly revenue-generating eCommerce industry hundreds of billions of dollars in lost sales.

So how do you prevent shopping cart abandonments? Here are some simple checkout optimization strategies that can help:

Don’t charge extra costs

Surprise shipping costs, taxes and packaging fees can inflate the price of an item too much. One of the main reasons why customers shop online is because it’s cheap – so always be competitive with pricing.

Allow guest checkouts

Nobody wants to spend precious minutes filling long forms to buy an item. Allow guest checkouts – with a simple delivery address and payment method field – to prevent annoying your customers.

Streamline checkout process

Many people are not used to shopping online, and it can feel complicated to them. It gets even more tricky on mobile devices with small screens. An optimized – preferably single-page – checkout process can make it easy for them to shop.

Display total cost up-front

People want to know what an item will cost them straight up-front. Always be transparent with the pricing policy and show the total cost – including shipping, taxes and the like – right from the beginning.

Boost performance

A glitch during the checkout process – like a card not being accepted or a lost/broken connection – can cause a customer to abandon your website altogether. Make sure your server and payment portal are fast and capable.

Gain trust

Consumers sometimes truly want to buy a product – but they don’t trust the website they’re buying from. Display your security certifications clearly and make sure your site protects their personal data to gain their trust.

Quick contact

Sometimes, buyers have queries that your FAQ section can’t resolve. Create a live chat feature with the help of a Chatbot and include a customer care phone number and email address to solve their problems quickly.

Also, fast delivery, a clear returns policy, multiple payment methods and simple navigation can help you reduce the abandonment rate. Recruit an expert eCommerce developer to upgrade quickly and affordably.

Highly Effective Ways to Improve UX on your eCommerce Website

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Boosting the user experience design (UX) on your e-store can make shopping more enjoyable for visitors and, ultimately, make it more likely they’ll buy from you. On the other hand, a poor UX can lead to a large shopping cart abandonment rate, which is (needless to say) very bad for business.

Here are five simple ways you can keep your eCommerce customers happy while they’re browsing your store:

Create detailed product descriptions

Many eCommerce store owners fail to add detailed product descriptions. As customers can’t handle the product for themselves, over 88% of them use the product description information to make a purchase decision. Always use detailed descriptions. Additionally, the utility or selling phrase must be featured prominently.

Use keywords right

Always include keywords in the title and the product description. Without the right keywords, search engine bots can’t index your page. Also, the images you display with the products need an image tag and alt text tags – which will let the search engine crawl them.

Keep titles short

There’s nothing more annoying than a long title (despite its keyword benefits), especially for mobile users. A title that is more than 47 characters long will get clipped off on small screen devices. That means your mobile visitors have to take an additional effort – such as clicking on the title – to read it entirely. Now imagine them having to do that for all your products – you can see why short titles are needed!

Market your niche first

You could be selling a million products, but every eCommerce store has a niche that they are known for, and most of their customers are primarily there for that. A clothing store then, for example, should always feature clothing products prominently and give secondary importance to beauty products, footwear, etc.

Additionally, fast-loading web pages – loading in 3 seconds or less – can also greatly enhance your visitor’s experience. Hiring a professional eCommerce web development team to optimize your website – to make it look better , to load faster than before, as well as to improve the SEO – will lead to a big improvement in UX, which will automatically translate into increased sales for you.