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Is hiring offshore dedicated resources a viable option? Find out

rsz_bigstock-choosing-the-right-person-from-50450810.jpgOnshore vs. Offshore resources: the debate on what’s better or worse has been raging on for a while. Neither of the options is excluded from its share of shortcomings, which makes it subjective. Is your business better off outsourcing work to resources located internationally? Or would it gain with a local onshore team? Of late, greater emphasis has been placed on hiring offshore dedicated resources owing to the tremendous benefits it carries over the other.

From being cheaper to highly productive, hiring offshore resources can prove to be a major plus for business growth. Here are five ways it assists businesses:

#1: Improves capacity

When you’ve got a load of work, but no one to do it, instead of turning it away, you can hire an offshore team to get it done on a short-term basis.

#2: Expands your technical competence

You might have an excellent web design team but lack the expertise to work on PHP. Businesses can play to their strengths and outsource the rest to experts abroad.

#3: Budget-friendly

Hiring a full-time employee means providing health benefits, paid holidays, setting up physical infrastructure and more. Outsourcing takes all the hassle away and is relatively affordable.

#4: Enables low-risk expansion

Every business owner hopes to grow, multiply profits and expand in numbers. But what if you extend past your limits? You’re spared from firing employees if business slows by expanding your team virtually instead.

#5: Greater focus on business development:

Taking the technical work off the desk and handing them to a capable team offshore allows business to focus more on strategy, project management, and business growth.

So, the bottom line is: yes, hiring dedicated resources from another organization does have positive results, but teaming up with the right partner is essential.

Here are a few pointers to consider:

• The agency must provide multiple modes of communication and should be available to interact at timings that are convenient to you.

• Always conduct online interviews of people you’re about to hire

• Check the past work samples and their complete portfolio to get a good measure of their professional competence

• Experience is vital; if you’re hiring developers, set an experience of at least 3-4 years as the minimum requirement.

Want to outsource work but don’t know who to outsource it to? Record positive growth and hire dedicated resources from a reputed US-based IT services company. Reach out to Openwave to explore the various options.

Effective Security Tips for your Magento Store


Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, being used by over 500,000 successful businesses big and small. While Magento is very secure out-of-the-box, vulnerabilities can creep into a typical store over time. Data theft, credit card theft and privacy breaches are on the rise, and it’s important that store owners keep their stores safe from hackers. Tight security can win you customer confidence and improve conversion rates.

Here are some strategies to provide airtight security for your Magento eCommerce store:

Always update your store and extensions

Magento developers release updates every once in a while, with security patches to cover known vulnerabilities – which is why it’s crucial you keep your store and your extensions up-to-date.

Use complex passwords

Make it a policy to use complex passwords – with a mix or numbers and upper case letters – that are hard to guess, and encourage site users and other admins to do the same. Using passwords like ‘admin’ and ‘123456’ will get your store hacked quickly.

Use security extensions

Extensions can help you scan for vulnerabilities, block certain IP addresses, keep tabs on your files, block some malicious networks, and enforce strong passwords. Some of the top extensions to try out include Spam Killer, ET IP Security, and MageSecure.

Use secure connections

Cheap hosting may save you money, but it makes your shop easy prey for hackers. If possible, use a host that provides an SFTP encryption. That keeps all the connections to your shop secure and encrypted.

File permissions

Your directories have file permissions that allow them to be read, modified, and deleted. If your permissions are too loose, you risk allowing external threats access to your shop.

Restrict admin access

It is highly recommended that you limit your admin access to a single IP. That way, nobody else but a single trusted computer will ever have full control over your shop. You can modify it from the .htaccess file.


HTTPS is becoming the new internet standard. It prevents important information – like passwords and credit card info – being sent over your connection in clear text.

An excellent Magento development team should be able to do all this for you – and more – in a short span of time and at an affordable price.

Unbeatable Advantages of opting for the Dedicated Resource Model

Digital Blue Hud Interface Team Concept

Businesses worldwide use software applications for daily work and better engaging their customers, for maximum productivity. If you’re planning to build new software, you can choose to build in-house or outsource your work to a team of external dedicated developers.

The dedicated resource model is the way to go:

This model is perfect for companies that have massive volumes of work that needs to get done in a short span of time. Using the model saves the company a lot of time and resources, and you end up getting a high-quality product regardless. You should hire developers if you know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to build a product in house and are willing to invest into hiring someone else to do it for you.

Here are some of the major advantages of using the dedicated resource model:

Complex work made easy

Software development is complex work. New product development will involve building in a large number of iterative steps. Expert knowledge is worth more than gold when it comes to creating high-quality software.

Recruitment expenses saved

You no longer have to scout for local talent and set up interviews – or even rent office space for them. You get a ready pool of talent you can hire to work for you for the duration of a project, with minimum hassle.

Scalable development

Software projects tend to have higher requirements during some iterative stages. By hiring externally, you get to assign more programmers to the job when necessary – and then quickly take them off when the demand goes down. This feature helps keep costs low.

Benefits of freelancers and in-house team combined

The dedicated resource model provides you with the flexibility of hiring freelancers with the kind of quality effort you get from an in-house team. The new group will act as a seamless extension of your employees.

You can hire dedicated programmers or resources for all kinds of projects, including PHP, CMS, SEO, SMM, Mobile app, and eCommerce development. Make sure the team you are hiring has a solid resume with exceptional qualifications and good communication skills, for best results.