Android vs. iOS app for Business – Find out why Android is the answer to your dilemma

Android vs. iOS: it’s a battle that’s never been won or lost. With both user communities putting forth arguments as to which of the two battalions is better, there seems to be no conclusive culmination to it. The debate extends to the Mobile App development realm as well, with businesses caught in a dilemma over choosing the right platform for their development needs.Android Apps Development Company in New York

If you’re looking to get started and are planning to launch a mobile app, then we’re here to drive away your confusion and tell you why building a mobile application for Android platform is the best choice:

1) Invest low, gain high

Breaking the barrier and taking the first step into the mobile world costs less on Android than it does on iOS, making it an ideal choice for businesses that are on a limited budget. Its SDK is available for free, which cuts back on licensing costs. With a low investment, it’s possible to rake in a profitable ROI.

2) It’s open source

Open source software always has that edge that makes it a viable choice for development. Since the Android SDK architecture is open source, there’s a greater community involvement which lures manufacturers into making Android-based handsets and incorporating cutting-edge enhancements.

3) Easy code adoption

Mobile applications on the Android platform are generally scripted on Java, which includes a rich set of libraries and is known for its relatively short learning curve. This makes it easy for developers to code the script for a mobile app and infuse an array of advanced features.

4) Ease of integration

Build, tweak, rebuild and customize to any extent. The platform’s incredible versatility makes it easy to integrate a web application or any other application and allows creation of even the most complex apps. Be it a simple utility app, or a sophisticated real-time navigation application, Android makes the development process that much easier.

5) Sell it on multiple portals

Promoting an application is perhaps even more important than the development process. With Android, you don’t have to rely on a single market to promote your app, but can distribute it across multiple platforms including third-party marketplaces. By tailoring your promotional strategy, you can extend the reach of your application.

Get set to soar to new heights with a mobile app. Avail Android app development services in New York from Openwave Computing, the leader in delivering exemplary solutions in the mobile space.


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