PHP & MySQL: Why it’s the perfect combo for Dynamic Web development?

Static is out; dynamic is in! In a world that’s going increasingly online, businesses need a website to survive and sustain the competition – and a static website is not the way to go. Building dynamic, robust and interactive applications can help businesses connect with their customers better, enhance their business proposition and capitalize on the internet revolution. So, how does one proceed with dynamic web development?

The answer: PHP and MySQL Ever since its release back in 1995, PHP has demonstrated itself as a viable tool to building high-performance apps and websites. The MySQL database complements it perfectly, enabling the creation of data-driven sites.LAMP Development Services in New york

What is it?

While PHP is ideal for website development, it doesn’t store information by itself and requires a database. That’s where MySQL comes in. From retrieving to storing unique information, the database automates several tasks carried out on a regular basis. Both are open source programs, and their combination is capable of delivering complex web applications.

Advantages of MySQL & PHP

1) Scalable

The website functionality and features can be extended to any extent thanks to the tons of extensions and libraries made available. Its scalability makes it an apt fit for the development of enterprise-level applications.

2) Ease of use

When compared to other programming languages, it is easy to learn. Its ease can allow developers to explore the depths of the language and build versatile, dynamic and feature-loaded PHP web apps.

3) Agile development

The use of PHP frameworks allows developers to build upon existing code, thus accelerating the development process and reducing time to market the completed application.

4) Cross-platform compatibility

The language is compatible with all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, and others. It also supports all major web servers such as Apache, IIS, etc.

5) Cuts down costs

There’s a large developer community working continuously to make improvements. Lots of freely available documentation, samples, examples and usable code available makes it easy to setup websites, thus cutting down costs.

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