Magento: The best platform to developing successful eCommerce stores

For retailers, launching an online business comes with its share of setbacks and challenges. To excel in the eCommerce space, one cannot afford to take any chances – and that’s why it’s essential to choose the right platform to set up a store on. With a confusing array of choices, retailers are often caught in a dilemma. What you need is a powerful platform that allows extensive customizability, is scalable, SEO-optimized and supports your needs perfectly. Our pick: Magento. Read on to find out why.eCommerce Web Development Services in New York

Magento the best eCommerce solution. Why?

Empowering over 200,000 retailers, Magento is one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in existence. It offers world-class features, extensive functionality and is highly versatile. That’s the reason why some of the most renowned retailers use Magento.

Few attributes make Magento a powerhouse

1: Flexible

Stores are highly customizable. It’s extremely flexible back-end allows the store to be controlled and scaled up or down to any extent.

2: Add-ons

Retailers can get additional modules from external sources and link it up with Magento. These add-ons could include product comparisons, shipping cost estimator, reports and more.

3: 24/7 support

This is one of the most vital attributes that make the platform so popular. The platform provides superior support 24/7 with an expert team always available to answer technical queries.

4: Organized

Magento’s back-end is written in PHP and has a well-organized and clean structure, making it easy for developers to tweak the platform’s code.

5: Template customizability

Users aren’t stuck with a single default look. Magento’s themes are customizable, and developers can alter the look and feel of the site to better fit their brand identity.

Latest features

Customer Segmentation:

Based on purchase history, age, gender, wish lists, preferences and more, customers are segregated into different groups that enable the creation of targeted promotional strategies.

Targeted Promotion and Merchandising:

This feature lets you share new content or promos to customers that share common interests. By personalizing marketing campaigns, retailers stand to gain better conversions.

The final verdict: Magento impresses with its revolutionary approach to eCommerce and is the best platform to build a functional, high performance and successful online store. Explore what this platform has in store for you by availing eCommerce solutions from experts. Call Openwave for high-end Magento eCommerce Services in New York at cost-effective rates.


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