Should you choose PHP? Here are a few reasons why it’s the best platform in existence

Gone is the era where the Internet was ruled by static websites. In this dynamic age, the demand for complex, elegant, high performing websites is on the rise – and PHP is at the forefront of the transition. The language has been one of the most popular choices in developing dynamic websites and applications. With an array of development options available in the market, what makes PHP, in particular, stand out? Is it truly the better choice for web app development? Read on to find out:

PHP Website application development in New York

PHP is a secure, fast and reliable development platform, offering developers great ease of use and versatility. Here are a few reasons why it’s the best platform available:

#1: It’s completely free

Similar programming languages charge a fee for usage, but PHP carries no charge. Being an open source platform, it’s offered free of cost, thus saving up initial expenses incurred on licensing fee or recurring charges such as maintenance costs.

#2: Simplicity gives it the edge

It’s needless to say that nearly every developer looks for ease out of programming – and PHP offers just that! Unlike C++, ROR or other languages, it is easy to understand and work with, thus, simplifying the development process and easing developers of the burden of mastering complex coding.

#3: Because it’s used by famed sites

Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook – nearly every other performance-intensive website is built on it – and it’s not without reason. The platform’s potential has caught the attention of reputed names and makes it a top choice for creating highly secure, robust, and functional websites.

#4: Compatibility across all OSs

It supports just about every Operating System. Be it Linux or Windows or Apple’s Mac; it can run on machines hosting just about any OS, giving developers the completing freedom of choosing a platform they’re comfortable working in.

#5: Double end web development

It is the only platform that can be used for both front and back end development. The platform allows developers to effortlessly alter the conditions of the site by making modifications to the code. In other languages, the code must be broken down to understand the correlation between the front and back end languages – PHP wins over in this aspect.

The list of advantages entailed by PHP could go on and on because till date the platform has remained one of the most promising web development tools in existence. Unearth the unlimited possibilities of PHP Web App development in the US with Openwave.


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