Five Reasons Magento is the Best Web Development Platform Out There

Advantages of Web Development with MagentoWith e-commerce now sweeping through the business industry, more and more retail stores are turning to the web space to make their footprint. When it comes to web building, Magento is the unrivaled leader in the business. It has helped to power hundreds of thousands of websites, with scores of new customers on a monthly basis. In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the benefits of web development with Magento.

Magento is suitable for the needs of both small and large businesses, with its high scalability. This ensures that the site is best tailored to handle varying volumes of traffic. As a result, e-commerce websites developed with this platform offer ideal functioning at every stage of growth.

Creative control
It offers developers a far greater level of control over the website and its design. This enables customization of the site with greater ease. The site owner has control of both the front and the back-end frameworks of the website, allowing them to realize their vision of the website in the most precise manner.

Broad range of extensions
With Magento, there is a far greater array of extensions and functionalities. This ensures that the website development is of a more sound quality. With the aid of these extensions, retailers are given the creative freedom to maximize the design of their website as per their needs.

Open source
With Magento being an open-source development platform, the site’s owners would be able to access the source code when building the website. As a result, the developer has more freedom and flexibility. The programmers would be able to alter the functionality of the website as per their needs, thereby tending to the needs of the retail store just as required.

Large community
Magento has a massive community of developers to draw support from in times of need. Magento users can share their expertise online and provide resources to programmers looking for solutions. There are bound to be glitches and problems in the development process. However, there are forums and websites where previous users offer their advice and support to those in need.

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