5 Features that make WordPress the Best Web-Building Platform

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WordPress is at present the dominant web-building platform on the internet. It stands out from the crowd, offering an experience that seems to draw most new internet entrepreneurs. In this article, we’re going to be exploring some of the salient features of this web building machine, and where it scores high.

Variety of built-in functionalities and features

The major purpose of WordPress is for blogging. As a result, a vast majority of facilities that you need for a website are already integrated into the design of the website. Those that aren’t can also be incorporated without too much hassle. Functions ranging from commenting and subscriptions are already set-up in the website, giving users the most strain-free web experience.


One of the major highlights of this system is the user-friendliness it offers. You need no software experience to handle the platform, and build a well-decorated site for yourself. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to build on the website, adding new pages and posts on a constant basis. The job of re-modeling and tailoring the site is also greatly convenient.

SEO friendliness

The programming structure at the base of this platform is arguably simpler than many others. An advantage of this is that websites under this engine are more sensitized with search engines. WordPress incorporates its websites with a quality of SEO friendliness that gives you an edge over competitors in terms of online ranking.

Access from any computer

As this platform is browser based, users can access their website through any computer and work on their site. This brings flexibility and convenience for people who need to work from multiple locations, and for bloggers who need to maintain a day job.

Full creative control

WordPress hands its user’s maximal creative control. All elements of the website can be refined according to your needs.

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