Seven Payment Systems that Dominate the Market in 2017

Online Payment Portal

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online payments have become a vital part of many economies. For someone setting up a retail store online, it is crucial to integrate a secure and reliable payment system into his or her website. In this article, we’re going to explore seven of the most reputed and reliable online payment engines of the day.

PayPal rests at the dominant position in the world of payment gateways. The company was founded more than 18 years ago and is currently a subsidiary of eBay. This platform has entrenched itself into markets across the world, with a staggering 137 million account holders and transactions in 26 currencies globally, PayPal processes somewhere below 10 million transactions a day.

Amazon Payments
Amazon recently made inroads into this e-commerce field in 2007 and is an authoritative platform in countries such as US, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. The platform is synchronized with your already existing Amazon account, making operations smoother.

Google Wallet
This application allows easy, flexible money transfers and further enhances the ease with a personalized wallet card. The corporation is also planning to roll out a physical card for customers to use at real stores.

This is a payment medium that has settled exclusively for the US market and is, therefore, unavailable anywhere else. The advantages of WePay include quick processing and simple working. It allows users to pay in online retail stores through credit cards, as well as their bank accounts.

ACH Payments 
This corporation offers various unique features, such as global payments, mobile payments, as well as a credit card processing feature. An added advantage is that companies can also use it for releasing payrolls. This platform is currently competing on the upper level of payment systems, along with Paypal and Amazon.

This platform enables credit card payments as well as payments from PayPal. It also offers added facilities such as shopping cart stores and trans-national payments.

This is a system designed specifically for WordPress users, enabling e-commerce transactions online. Some of its prominent features include coupon campaigns, its customer friendly design and the ability to manage your e-commerce store without hassle.

Incorporating the right payment system is essential to e-commerce. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we, at Openwave, can provide you adequate support. Our developers are adept at multiple coding languages and can enhance your commercial streams through our eCommerce applications. 


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