Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework Ever for Web Development?

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Laravel was released about five years ago – June 2011 to be precise – and it has taken the PHP world by storm since then. Not only do developers love it, but the platform has dethroned other popular ones like Yii and Zend to occupy the top spot as the most popular PHP framework out there.

What is a framework exactly? Think of it as a design blueprint for a website/application that allows you to do more with less (following the MVC model). You can follow a different plan or framework-types – and Laravel is reputed to be the best of all time. So what makes it the best framework ever (according to many die-hard fans/designers)?

Laravel has brought a stagnating language back to life

PHP was, around the year 2010, an old and dying language in the eyes of many developers. Some were beginning to phase it out for other languages like Ruby on Rails. When Laravel was introduced, most of the major frameworks in the market weren’t what you could call truly modern and left much to be desired. Laravel changed all that – its designers created something that borrowed from the strengths of all the other frameworks and packed it in a very easy-to-use interface.

Why is it so popular?

One of the biggest reasons why Laravel is preferred over other plugins like Code Igniter and Zend these days is its ease-of-use. Here are some of its other top advantages:

  • Famous Blade template engine: The Blade template engine makes it effortless for developers to combine HTML with PHP.

  • Artisan tool: The Artisan tool helps a dev avoid repetitive programming tasks by substituting command line functions.

  • Great routeing: PHP frameworks can make routeing tedious. This platform’s routeing, though, is fast and reminiscent of Ruby on Rails.

  • Extensive support/documentation: The framework is well-documented and supported by thousands of developers worldwide. You can learn how to code in it through tutorials known as Laracasts.

If you’re planning to create an advanced website/web app for your company, you can’t go wrong with using Laravel. You can build affordable Laravel-based software by partnering up with an experienced PHP development team.


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