10 Fundamental Attributes of Every Successful eCommerce Website

10 Fundamental Attributes of Every Successful eCommerce Website

Competition in the eCommerce world is nothing less than cutthroat. Giants like eBay and Amazon.com have got most of the market cornered, and it’s very hard for a new business to find loyal, long-term customers. Your online store needs to be top notch and provide an enjoyable browsing experience to first-time visitors to turn them into repeat customers.

Here are 10 essential every online store needs to have to be successful:

Intuitive search

An intuitive search tool lets people find what they are after quickly. The right kind of search tool will be easily visible, have filters to help customers be accurate, and also generate personalized recommendations.

Freebies and Promotions

Offering purchasing incentives – like discounts, free shipping, or free samples – can help you close sales faster.

Helpful FAQs

An easily accessible, comprehensive list of FAQs can help people make purchasing decisions quicker and also remove the burden from your shoulders of personally having to help clients with common queries.

Detailed images

Having high definition images (or, even better, videos) of your products from various angles, which can be zoomed, can help customers purchase faster.

High security

Online credit card theft and data theft is rampant. Following the latest industry safety standards (like having SSL certification) can help you make visitors feel safe.

Mobile friendliness

Research tells us that the majority of incoming traffic to top eCommerce stores now originates from mobile phones. With mobile friendly design, you can hook smartphone users.

Product reviews/testimonials

Buyers are more likely to trust the opinions of customers that have already bought and tried out an individual product. Including honest product reviews and testimonials boost consumer confidence.

Simple layout

Following best design practices and displaying products on a grid allows visitors to navigate your store faster and can make even browsing an enjoyable experience.

Lightning-quick checkout

A lengthy checkout process, which isn’t mobile friendly, is a great way to lose customers. A lightning-quick checkout process that is clear and transparent will help you close sales faster.

Contact US

Sometimes the human touch is essential. A Contact Us page lets visitors know that you (or a customer service team) are available in person if something were to go wrong with the shopping process.

Don’t have the technical experience needed to create an outstanding store? You can hire an experienced team of dedicated eCommerce developers to revamp your website at low prices.


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