Effective Security Tips for your Magento Store


Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, being used by over 500,000 successful businesses big and small. While Magento is very secure out-of-the-box, vulnerabilities can creep into a typical store over time. Data theft, credit card theft and privacy breaches are on the rise, and it’s important that store owners keep their stores safe from hackers. Tight security can win you customer confidence and improve conversion rates.

Here are some strategies to provide airtight security for your Magento eCommerce store:

Always update your store and extensions

Magento developers release updates every once in a while, with security patches to cover known vulnerabilities – which is why it’s crucial you keep your store and your extensions up-to-date.

Use complex passwords

Make it a policy to use complex passwords – with a mix or numbers and upper case letters – that are hard to guess, and encourage site users and other admins to do the same. Using passwords like ‘admin’ and ‘123456’ will get your store hacked quickly.

Use security extensions

Extensions can help you scan for vulnerabilities, block certain IP addresses, keep tabs on your files, block some malicious networks, and enforce strong passwords. Some of the top extensions to try out include Spam Killer, ET IP Security, and MageSecure.

Use secure connections

Cheap hosting may save you money, but it makes your shop easy prey for hackers. If possible, use a host that provides an SFTP encryption. That keeps all the connections to your shop secure and encrypted.

File permissions

Your directories have file permissions that allow them to be read, modified, and deleted. If your permissions are too loose, you risk allowing external threats access to your shop.

Restrict admin access

It is highly recommended that you limit your admin access to a single IP. That way, nobody else but a single trusted computer will ever have full control over your shop. You can modify it from the .htaccess file.


HTTPS is becoming the new internet standard. It prevents important information – like passwords and credit card info – being sent over your connection in clear text.

An excellent Magento development team should be able to do all this for you – and more – in a short span of time and at an affordable price.


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