Top Trends to Watch Out for in Enterprise web Application Development in 2017

Web Technology

Enterprise level applications are used by businesses worldwide to improve productivity and engage with customers better. Technology is advancing at a rapid clip, and these apps are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and powerful as time goes by. 2016 was a big year for enterprises the world over, as we saw even more companies making the shift to Cloud. 2017 is, likewise, looking to be another crucial year for businesses.

Here are top enterprise web application development trends to watch out for in 2017:

Big increase in the number of hybrid apps

We live in the mobile age, and a lot of employees bring their phones to work. They also want to be able to access enterprise apps from their phones. Hybrid technology allows organizations to build products that can be consulted from both mobiles and PCs, and we’re going to see a big increase in their number.

Focus on application security

Data privacy breaches and theft have become a primary concern lately. It’s very easy for an experienced hacker to get into most applications, especially those that are accessible on multiple platforms. The focus this year will be on building secure applications.

Faster response times

Employees and customers don’t want to wait for more than a handful of seconds for apps to load. Thanks to the availability of http/2: protocol and other new age technology; it’s now possible to build web service apps that load in a few seconds or even instantaneously.

Cloud implementation

Cloud servers are up all the time. Organisations are shifting their apps to Cloud or using it for storage (if they haven’t done so already). This movement is reducing the pressure on internal IT departments and boosting efficiency.

Shadow IT to be a problem?

The modern IT department is often overloaded with requests, and their responses can be slow. Employees in other departments often get around the in-house department by buying solutions from external developers, which is known as ‘Shadow IT’. Instances of this trend are rising greatly.

If you need a secure web service application built with the newest technology and custom features, you can get one made cheap from Openwave’s experienced web development team.


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