Top Trends that Will Shape WordPress Development in 2017


WordPress remains the most popular CMS even 13 years after its release, and it powers one full quarter of all the websites on the internet. 2017 promises to be a year where we’re about to see a lot of innovative features spring up on WordPress sites, as the competition to make them unique and compelling hots-up.

Here are the top trends that we expect will shape WordPress development this year:

HTTPS security upgrades

Chrome now red flags websites that don’t have HTTPS encryption. We expect almost all WordPress sites to follow the protocol this year, which will make for a safer browsing experience for us all.

Background videos

Background videos – or video headers – are an easy way to catch the visitors’ attention and to explain complex concepts simply. They also make a page stand out and make it look attractive.

Multipurpose themes

People expect themes to be able to be highly customizable. Multipurpose themes allow a site to do a lot at once – like double as an eCommerce store, for example, as well as a blog and an introductory front.

The mobile-first movement

Developers are designing themes now first for mobile phones, which will later be adapted to desktop screens. It was the other way around previously.

VR support

VR is the future of internet browsing. Devices like Oculus Rift are becoming common, so developers are beginning to make themes that are compatible with them.

Unique typography

The race is on to make pages look unique and the content on them to stand out. Designers are being used now to make words look good and pop out with the help of unique typography.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling first made a splash in 2016, but we expect it to become commonplace this year. It gives the illusion of a 3D background while scrolling, and can help developers tell enchanting stories to catch visitor attention.

For WordPress website owners – or those that already own such sites – it’s a good idea to comply with these trends to keep up with the competition. You can hire professional WordPress developers on a short-term basis to help with that.


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