Top Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Needs a Blog

top-reasons-why-your-ecommerce-website-needs-a-blogBlogging is an underutilized way to generate traffic to websites. Entrepreneurs do understand that blogs help generate traffic, but very few indeed go about implementing it for their websites. Direct sales, cold calling, email marketing, and other techniques can only get you so far in this business. You need an automated traffic production machine that does most of your work for you – and that’s where blogs come in. Not only do they generate incoming traffic via back-links, but you also get to provide useful information to your customers at the same time.

Here are some facts that will help convince you that you need to start blogging right now:

Blogs will help you rise in search engine rankings

Blogs generate a lot of internal links that link back to your homepage. They also add pages to your website, which gives more content for search engines to index. You can use keywords (you need to use analytics tools to generate them) in your blogs related to your niche to feature highly on search engine rankings.

Creating content will help you engage customers

Most businesses make more money from repeat customers than they do with new ones. A blog will help you engage your repeat customers better and get them to come back again and again. It is a place where you can actively engage your customers by providing valuable, interesting information, and build a community around your brand.

It helps you set yourself up as an expert

By sharing useful information about your products and services, people will see you – and your brand – as the authority in your niche. They will come to your site for information – especially as Facebook and Twitter don’t exactly give them much info. You will be able to build up your brand and make it more likely people would buy from you instead of your competitors that only have an “About Us” page to promote.

You will, of course, have to actually be able to convert incoming traffic that you generate with blogs. You need a well-designed, well-optimized eCommerce store for that. For maximum impact, look into getting your store redesigned with the help of an experienced design team. Consult top eCommerce developers who can help your store rank on page one!


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